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    There are many factors that go into doing a brake job correctly.  Although low advertised prices for brake jobs can be enticing, you don’t want to gamble with your brakes.  At Wolfson Automotive, we inspect your brakes carefully.  We measure your rotors or drums to determine if they are too worn to operate safely.  We don’t just slap on new pads like many shops.  We machine the rotors on a brake lathe so that the new pads will break in properly and not wear out prematurely.  Machining the rotors also eliminates warpage and pulsating/shaking while braking.  We don’t use “cheap” pads or hardware.  We use only high quality pads or shoes that meet or exceed the vehicle manufacturer’s requirements.  We perform tasks that many other shops don’t bother to do.  We clean and wire brush the grooves on the caliper brackets so the new pads don’t bind, we use anti-squeal compound on the back of the new pads, we inspect your calipers and piston seals, we clean the slide pins, and perform several other tasks to ensure a quality brake job.